How to Install HP Printer Driver in Computer with Windows Operating System

Installing HP printer driver in computer is pretty easy. Before starting, make sure the computer you are using is a Windows computer. First step to install printer driver is to prepare the printer setup. Make sure your computer fulfill the requirement such as the printer is on, USB cable is less than 3 meter length, and USB port is available on your computer. You have to disconnect the printer USB cable before the installation of the driver and do not reconnect until it is prompted during the driver installation. Find Windows for “Devices”, then click “Devices and Printers” in the results. Right-click the icon for any printer model available and choose “Remove device”. If you currently have more than one icon, make sure to remove all of them.

After removing other printer devices, download printer driver for your current printer by searching on The guided driver installation app HP Easy Start might download, depend on your devices’ model. If HP Easy Start downloads, just follow the direction appear on screen to open the download file and start the installation. Make sure to choose USB when a prompt for connection type appear, and the setup should run perfectly. In case your download fails or your printer driver in computer cannot be found on, go to HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads, input your printer model and check if the operating system version is correct. Select “Download only” under “Driver-Product Installation Software” to save and run the driver offline. When a prompt for connection type appear, choose USB and the setup should be completed.

Sometimes we forget to install printer driver in computer and just connect the printer USB immediately. If that is the case, Windows will automatically detects the printer and install a built in driver for basic function of the printer. Most of the time the installation went successfully and the print job is done perfectly.

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